​​The Luring is about a man who returns to his family vacation home, where a murder took place during his 10th birthday party, hoping to finally resolve a memory gap that has been plaguing him for years. 

Written and directed by Christopher Wells, this psychological thriller is unique due to it’s plot, character development, and subtle foreshadowing.

We, the film-makers, are determined to make the best damn horror film that we possibly can.  Further, we strive to not mistake horror for cheap gore but rather have social commentary and intelligence be evident throughout.

The Luring  is a psychological thriller that is very different than any horror film due to the character development, subtle foreshadowing, witty dialogue and a unpredictable plot that will scare our audience to the bone. For those who love horror but are yearning for something more, our film will deliver. We are determined to be on your favorite list of top horror films. Our shots have meaning, our story is unique and we have done everything to ensure a great viewing experience.