​​​​​​​​The Luring is about a man, Garrett, who has dissociative amnesia, a condition that occurs after a traumatic experience. In his case a murder that took place on his 10th birthday at his Family's vacation home in Vermont. With no recollection, Garrett decides to return to Vermont with the hopes of solving his memory gap that has been plaguing him for years. 

Written and directed by 
Christopher Wells alongside producers Brian Berg & Sandy Ayesh, Cinematography by Amanda McGrady,  this psychological thriller is unique because it's story driven rather than relying on predictable jump scares and cheap gore. Like so many horror fans we want to watch a film that has an unpredictable story, a story that happens to be extremely unsettling and built on nightmares. Some people just like being scared. 

The Luring  is a compelling story that happens to be a  psychological thriller. Christopher wrote a script full of  character development, subtle foreshadowing, witty dialogue and a  plot unlike any other horror film you'll see. We are excited about our production because we don't take our audience for granted. We know you can predict most films. We understand you yearn for more substance, a film that is more engaging and totally different. We do too.  We invite you to stick around and hopefully become fans of what will soon be the next breakout horror film...The Luring

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