Hello Luring supporters!

We wanted to provide an update to all of you as post-production continues to roll along. We will post the date so when you scroll down you can read the update when it happens.  This is to keep our investors, our supporters and our fans up to date with the latest news as well as provide some interesting film knowledge.

​Nov 14th- Music adds to the emotional quality of a film, hypnotizing an audience breathless. The director Christopher and our composer Al watched the entire film, taking note of which scenes require original music. During this process the composer will take precise timing notes so that he knows how long each cue needs to last, where it begins, where it ends, and of particular moments during a scene with which the music may need to coincide in a specific way. This process is known as "spotting." Every aspect of our film has been thought about, planned out to ensure the highest level of professionalism. 

Below are some pictures from the studio. Al has this really cute dog and the cat is from the AirBnB place where Christopher stayed while in Philly which is where the studio is located.

Besides working with our composer we are also collaborating with our sound mixer Sean who also did the sound for the film so he was an obvious choice to see it through post production.

The basic definition of sound mixing is taking all the elements of the film’s soundtrack, i.e. dialog, SFX, Foley, and Music, and mixing them together to create something that sounds good.  For the record, SFX means special effects like the creaking of a door, cars, etc. Foley means more “person” noise, such as footsteps, clothing noise, eating noise, or the kinds of noises caused by a person.  In addition to the dialog being clean, it also needs to be leveled so your dynamic range is not jumping all over the place.  SFX and Foley need to have this same process done. SFX and Foley need to be placed at proper volumes so you don’t have footsteps louder than dialog. Music needs to be added or composed and its level needs to be automated so the music is not too loud or too quiet.

Once these aspects are done, everything needs to be mixed together as a whole so that in the end there’s one seamless audio track that allows every aspect of the film’s audio to live in its own proper space.

Oct. 19th- We finished the final edit and now doing the mix, the score and the color. We are very happy with the way our film looks and sounds and can't wait to submit The Luring to festivals. 

We shot the film in 4K resolution with a Canon C300mll. 

The film was shot in C-log mode (short for Canon Log) which a new way of shooting digital.  The main reason we shoot in C-log is that it helps to maximize the dynamic range of the camera. When we refer to dynamic range we mean the measurement between the whitest whites and the blackest blacks in an image, or the lowest and highest values of density and luminance. When the image is processed it looks more like an image shot on film than on video.   

Its basically a new technology in the digital film that makes for a better picture. 

As you can see above, the screen-shots of this scene from the film look vastly different from one another. The one on the left looks well colored, properly saturated, and to be of a high-quality feature film look.  The shot on the right appears to be the total opposite of that very flat and grayish.  That is the magic of color correction in post production.  The shot on the right is what a film looks like as it is immediately captured during filming (C-log), and then in post production, colors and gradients and other technical aspects of the look of the film are put in place, smoothed and evened out, given a certain look that we the filmmakers decide upon. The colorist is able to bring a wide color spectrum to the film and that can only  be achieved if our film is first shot in that flat look (C-log).  

Of course, the questions now are... what is our actress looking so upset about?  And where is she making this call from - a shelter of some sort?  Something definitely is making her less than happy!  Hopefully things turn out well for her.  

Meanwhile, as we wrap up the color correction, sound editing is in high gear as well as the score that is being composed for the movie.  It is truly wonderful watching all of these things come together as our vision for the film is realized.

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